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Train the Trainers Seminar: Understanding, Modeling, and Teaching the Essential Principles and Techniques of Residential Treatment

This strength-based approach to milieu treatment is designed for senior child care workers, unit directors, supervisors, program directors, and others interested in the training of residential treatment staff.

The Program

This intensive two- or three-day seminar has been designed to provide senior residential treatment professionals with the content and skills necessary to train their child care staff in the essential areas of residential care. Each participants receives a 100+ page supervisor's manual containing a year-long training curriculum, complete with quizzes, exercises, and numerous action plans to sustain the material.

Training topics include:

  • Understanding and Practicing Strength-Based Treatment
  • Managing Number One…First
  • What Youth Care workers Should Know About Developmental Psychology and Why
  • Understanding Behavior from an Empathic & Abuse-Reactive Perspective
  • How to Prevent Problematic Behavior
  • Activities for Troubled Children & Ways to Build Self-Esteem
  • Utilizing Humor in the Milieu
  • Controlling Tone and Affect; De-Escalation Techniques
  • Verbal Interventions
  • Treating Non-Motivational (neurologically-impaired) Residents
  • Essentials of Behavior Management and Behavior Modification
  • Teaching Youth How to Self-Manage
  • Key Supervision / Training Principles and Techniques
  • Considerations & Techniques in Training the Beginning Child Care Worker

"The Train the Trainers seminar was a great success. Charlie Appelstein has become a staple in the training we provide for staff in our member agencies. He consistently receives the highest ratings for his style of presenting, his ability to convey a solid, consistent therapeutic philosophy, and his techniques. Too often training for supervisors focuses strictly on how to supervise. Charlie brings his wealth of experience and effectively, humorously, and enthusiastically teaches what to supervise. His willingness to share his materials was greatly appreciated. Comments on the conference evaluations included praise for his strength-based approach to working with staff and youth, high marks for the tools and creative ideas presented, and gratitude for his compassion, knowledge and relevant experience. Charlie never fails to entertain, motivate and challenge. You won't want to miss him!"

A/V requirements: LCD projector and screen, flip-chart & TV/VCR. For groups of 50 or more, a clip-on, lavaliere microphone is requested.

Fee: Negotiable, based on location, time of year, number of attendees, training content, number of training hours and days, required preparation time, and similar factors.


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