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Feedback from Training Workshop & Conference Attendees

Participants in our most recent conference for child care counselors had the following comments about Charlie's presentation:

  • "The keynote speaker was the best I've heard in years."
  • "The keynote speaker was awesome."
  • "The keynote speaker kept me motivated to stay in the field!"

Comments from recent training events are equally positive:

  • "I wish all my co-workers could have attended - he really understands what it's like" was a frequently heard comment following the seminar.
  • "We are hoping to bring Charlie back to work with the supervisors in our programs"
  • "He motivates, energizes, challenges and resonates with staff in a way that inspires them to continue their commitment to working with youth."
  • "Appelstein connects with examples that demonstrates he knows the reality of what staff do and teaches with specific techniques and approaches to developing healthy relationships with kids."

Training Endorsements:

"Charlie Appelstein spoke at the Harvard Medical School/Cambridge Course on School Mental Health on January 27, 2007. He trained/entertained/WOWED the over 450 participants. I don’t see a standing ovation too often…but he received one! We have already invited him back to participate in one of our other conferences."

  • – Judy Reiner Platt, Ed.D.
  • Director, Continuing Education in Psychiatry
  • Harvard Medical School/Cambridge Health Alliance

"Charlie keynoted the Youth at Risk (YAR) conference held annually in June for youth providers at Endicott College in Beverly. Nearly 600 attendees sat attentive as Charlie interweaved anecdotes with creative and practical tools for working with troubled youth. His rapping of music that underscored the power of positive language in communicating with youth drew applause and laughter from the providers. He was the right mix of substance, seriousness and humor. The crowd loved him! I hope we will have another opportunity to work with Charlie in the future."

  • – Kirsten (Yarzab) Doherty, MBA
  • Youth at Risk (YAR) Manager
  • Northeast Center for Healthy Communities

"Charlie set the tone for our February 2004 National Conference. His keynote presentation and inspirational, heart-felt words were truly moving. He is a gifted presenter and his passion for his work is contagious. Attendance at the workshop session he conducted after his keynote was more than the room could hold. His three books were flying off of our publications table. I wholeheartedly recommend him to speak before any audience large or small, young or old — I have no doubt your attendees will walk out with a new sense of optimism."

"As part of our facility effort to improve staff skills and reduce hands-on interventions, we hosted Charlie Appelstein, MSW to provide two days of training for our direct care employees. The training he provided was phenomenal!! He shared techniques and strategies from his own work with children, which led him to be embraced by the staff as "someone who's been there". His enthusiasm, use of humor, and engaging, interactive style resulted in participants yearning for more. Perhaps the most important outcome is the ongoing daily use of the skills he taught us. He has truly made a difference in the care we provide for troubled children and adolescents.

I wholeheartedly recommend this training for any in-patient, residential, or group home facility that is dedicated to the treatment of kids ."

  • – Ann Graham, LCSW
  • Director of Social Work & Activity Therapy
  • Riverside Behavioral Health Center

"After Charlie's presentation, people stopped me in the lunchroom and told me that his training was the best, most informative, and interesting Medford has ever offered their teachers!"

  • – Diane Caldwell, M.ED
  • Academic Support Administrator
  • Medford (MA) High School

"Charlie Appelstein's respectful, knowledgeable, and humorous approach to helping teachers and counselors to understand and more positively interact with their most difficult students has done more to renew a sense of hope for troubled schoolchildren than any other project I have been associated with. His empathic view of early childhood development assists teachers to positively reframe the challenging behavior of their students, and his no-nonsense approach to classroom discipline provides them with an array of effective strategies for dealing with difficulties as they arrive. Charlie Appelstein should be cloned. America's schools need him!"

  • – Kate Schluter
  • Former Executive Director
  • Project Alliance Partnerships for Youth, Inc.
  • Middlesex County District Attorney's Office
  • Somerville, Massachusetts

"Many convention speakers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the podium, often to be presented in a lecture-style, academic format that puts the audience to sleep. Then there is the dynamic personality at a convention who keeps everybody awake, but people walk away saying, "What did I learn?" Charlie Appelstein is that rare presenter who combines valuable, take-home-and-use information with a presentation style that has everybody nodding in agreement, laughing, and participating."

  • – Jackie Barger
  • Executive Director
  • Shults-Lewis Child & Family Services
  • Valparaiso, Indiana

"Charlie Appelstein has a tremendous ability to communicate the reality of working with emotionally disturbed children and adolescents - the challenges, joys, frustrations, and successes. He's very credible and connects with staff through recognizing the critical role they play while at the same time challenging them to continue to learn and grow and "keep the force."

  • – Mary C. Regan
  • Executive Director
  • Minnesota Council of Child Caring Agencies

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