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Facing The Sunshine

Facing the Sunshine

Friends and Colleagues,

Three years ago, after attending one of my workshops in New Brunswick, Canada, Sara Thornton sent me a series of emails. The third one began:

Dear Charlie,

I want to share something with you. This is nothing I have ever been so bold as to do, but my intuition has been pressing me for numerous days. Perhaps there is a higher meaning behind my intentions, but if not, I feel confident that what I am about to disclose will be a confirmation that the work you do is extremely valuable and profound.

Once upon a time, I was a troubled child, youth, and in fact, young adult...

Four pages later, I wiped the tears from my face and decided to publish Facing the Sunshine, Sara's account of her abusive history and road to recovery. Ellen Kleiner, our magnificent editor, has done a tremendous job crafting Sunshine into the book it has become. I was also involved in adding a clinical perspective. In some respects, I see Facing the Sunshine as a corollary to my first book, The Gus Chronicles – Reflections From an Abused Kid. But this time the kid is real.

Charlie Appelstein, MSW

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What Other Professionals Say About This Book:

"Candid, insightful, and inspirational."

  • —Viola Fodor, BEd, MEd
  • Psychotherapist, educator, and author of Desperately Seeking Self

"Living proof that there is triumph after adversity"

  • —Melinda Hutchings
  • Author of Fighting for Life: Anorexia—the Road to Recovery

"An invaluable resource."

  • —David Hirshberg, EdD Executive Director,
  • Germaine Lawrence School Arlington, Massachusetts

"Sara’s depiction of the insidious nature of anorexia nervosa is graphic and offers a clear picture of this life-threatening disorder."

  • —Leigh Cohn, MAT, CEDS
  • Editor-in-Chief, Eating Disorders: The Journal of Treatment and Prevention

"This story highlights the grave deficiencies in the medical community, while leading us along a path of suffering, perseverance, and finally, recovery."

  • —Melissa R. Gerson, LMSW
  • Psychotherapist and eating disorders specialist

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