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One-Line Raps for Girls and Chaps CD

One-Line Raps for Girls and Chaps

Charlie Appelstein, MSW and The No Bad Kid Band

Rhythmic Self-Talk to Help Kids Control Anger, Talk Respectfully, Build Self-Esteem, Enhance Peer Relations, and Succeed in School

Our new CD contains a host of catchy sayings called one-line raps or cues (.e.g. "Let it go, Joe!") put to rhythm and melody that can enhance a young person’s functioning. By listening to or saying them over and over again; in other words: practicing the desired behavior – real change can occur. Whether you use our rhythms and melodies or come up with your own, the lines contained within have all been field-tested to produce results.

Folks, if you're dealing with a difficult behavior - just use a line and make things fine. Big problems don't always require big solutions.

Go ahead and download the lyrics. There is additional information about rhythmic cueing at this site.

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Praise for One-Line Raps::

"Charlie Appelstein & friends have a hit on their hands! Charlie has taken his immense understanding of troubled kids and used it to reach kids through their favorite These beautifully produced CD's provide young people with reminders of appropriate behavior and helps them to consider their responses to intense social situations. Mantras for the 21st century! Kids will accept and respond to the messages in the CD's because they are relevant to their daily experiences. The raps don't preach or scold. Rather, they remind and advise. My only regret after reviewing this extraordinary project was that I didn't think of it first! If you want to reach and teach troubled kids and teens, buy and use these CD's. They will make a difference "

  • — Richard Lavoie
  • Visiting Professor, Simmons College,
  • Internationally known expert on children with learning disabilities

"One-Line Raps for Girls and Chaps is an entertaining and powerful way to help kids learn more effective ways of dealing with anger, communicating with respect, developing self-esteem, and relying on positive coping strategies. The one-line raps provide a wonderful cue for both kids and adults to think about more constructive ways of behaving. Charlie Appelstein and The No Bad Kid Band are to be applauded for this impressive CD. "

  • —Robert Brooks, Ph.D.
  • Co-author of "Raising Resilient Children " and
  • "The Power of Resilience: Achieving Balance, Confidence, and Personal Strength in Your Life."

Below is a list of the 14 Raps created for this CD:

I Gotta Chill (2:19)
Let It Go, Joe (1:45)
If You Get Mad (1:30)
Don't Talk Mean (1:17)
Readin' and Writin‘ (1:05)
Hocus Pocus Focus (1:38)
I'm Smart, It's In My Heart (0:31)
Step After Step (0:59)
Getting Along (3:31)
Don't Hurry Worry (2:10)
No Lyin', No Stealin', No Cheatin (2:46)
If It Is To Be, It's Up To Me (2:00)
You Are Loved (2:40)

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