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Workshops for Parent Groups

Responding Versus Reacting to Your Kids: Key Principles and Techniques for Effective Parenting.

Our most popular workshop for parents, this two- to eight-hour training covers the following areas:

  • Managing number one, first (i.e. coping strategies that help parents stay calm under pressure)
  • Understanding the relationship between lack of support and punitive actions, and what to do when support is insufficient
  • The importance of understanding developmental stages
  • Appreciating the uniqueness of every child from a variety of perspectives
  • Tips to prevent problem behavior in the home
  • Building self-esteem in children and youth
  • Techniques to control tone and affect
  • Communication principles and strategies
  • How, why, and when to issue consequences
  • When and how to use incentives to motivate behavior
  • Helping children and youth to self-manage their behavior

Each attendee receives a 30-page handout, which can be made available in advance.

A/V requirements: LCD projector and screen, TV/VCR. For groups of 50 or more, a clip-on, lavaliere microphone is requested.

Fee: Negotiable, based on location, time of year, number of attendees, training content, number of training hours and days, required preparation time, and similar factors.


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