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Parent Raposody -  Songs & Musical Mantras for Successful Parenting - Charlie Appelstein and The No Bad Kid Band
New CD: New Parenting CD: We are extremely pleased to announce that after six months of work, our new self-help, musical CD for parents: Parent Rapsody – Songs & Musical Mantras for Successful Parenting is finished and available for sale through a variety of methods. If you prefer to order by check or purchase order, you can download our order form and fax, email, or call in your order.

This novel approach to parent education combines rhythm, rhyme, wordplay, and engaging melodies to promote core child-rearing practices. A handy companion for all seasons of family life.

What They’re Saying About Parent Rapsody:

"I have long been a fan of using the arts to promote the cause of healthy child development. Charlie Appelstein's Parent Rapsody is an excellent addition! The music draws you in and the message is sound. I recommend it to anyone seeking a way to reach parents and help them attend to what needs doing to make the lives of children better in this time when so many parents are confused and distracted."

—-James Garbarino, PhD Director,
Loyola University of Chicago's Center for
the Human Rights of Children
Internationally Renowned Youth Care Expert.
Author of Lost Boys and Parents Under Siege.

"Move over Spock and Gershwin ! Charlie's "Parent Rhapsody" holds the key to healthy parenting. These lyrics will stick with you, and guide you, as you navigate those challenging moments with your kids. I only wish it was available when my children were younger."

—Mike Nikitas, Anchor, NECN (New England Cable News)

Learn more about this project and to view our two song videos Don't Yell, Gently Tell or Routines.


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