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Keynote Addresses

Although Charlie frequently customizes a keynote address based on the needs of a group, his two most popular talks are:

  • "Use the Force, Luke!" Staying Motivated to do the Job

    Keynote Description

    Working day after day with at-risk children and youth elicits difficult feelings that can compromise a professional's performance. This presentation examines the major triggers and provides strategies for self-management that keep enthusiasm alive. Focal points include: how to stop taking things personally, the pivotal role of support, and a new definition for success in working with at-risk populations.

  • "The Glass Ain't Half-Full; Heck, It's Overflowing!" Creating a Strength-Based Culture in Your Setting

    Keynote Description

    Strength-based practice is an emerging approach to helping at-risk children, youth, and families that is exceptionally positive and hope-inspiring. Its focus is on strength-building rather than flaw-fixing. It begins with the belief that all individuals have strengths and past successes that can be utilized to stop problem behavior and enhance decision making. This presentation will highlight many of the key principles and techniques of this life-changing, inspiring approach to guiding high-risk young people.

Fee: Negotiable, based on location, time of year, number of attendees, number of hours and days, and required preparation time.


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