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The Gus Chronicles II

The Gus Chronicles II

This sequel to Appelstein's award-winning Gus Chronicles is an easy-to-read fictional account of troubled children living in out-of-home placements. Gus E. Studelmeyer returns a year older (14), and a wee bit wiser. Issues Gus addresses include abuse and neglect, loyalty to family of origin, death of a parent, prejudice, physical restraint, humor, and much more.

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Praise for The Gus Chronicles II

"This book is invaluable training for line workers, clinicians, administrators, and policymakers who seek to understand the world of troubled children."

  • —Robert E. Lieberman
  • President
  • American Assoc. of Children's Residential Centers

"Gus Studelmeyer is back providing insight and inspiration to all who deeply care about children in conflict."

  • —Larry Brendtro
  • President
  • Reclaiming Children and Youth

"Charlie fills an important void in child care literature with life and humor. I hope Gus lives on forever!"

  • —Earl N. Stuck
  • Associate Vice President
  • Child Welfare League of America

"This powerful book evokes laughter and tears, and places the reader squarely in the shoes of at-risk kids who have been removed from their homes."

  • —Dave Pelzer
  • Author of A Child Called It and The Lost boy

Excerpts from The Gus Chronicles II

Pages 2-3: Introduction

Who We Are

One final note of interest before I get going:

I refused to write this book unless the author changed the subtitle. He wasn't happy about the idea.

"It will be confusing to people," he moaned. "What's wrong with Reflections from an Abused Kid?"

"You know what's wrong with it," I told him. "I suffered abuse, but I'm not an 'abused kid.' That's not how I choose to be defined. I'm a kid who loves anchovies on his pizza; flunked home economics last semester but got an 'A' in advanced calculus; develops web pages at school; has an outrageous yet perverse sense of humor; has won 43 games of chess in a row; hides an outie bellybutton; possesses a mad crush on Mary Egan; and loves horror movies and Bare Naked Ladies (the group, as well). This is who I am, brother.

"Sure, I'm also a kid who was abused: A kid who has trouble fallin' asleep at night and is afraid of the dark; a kid who doesn't have many friends; a kid who suffers frequent nightmares about bad men doing bad things to him; a kid who suffers painful pangs of hopelessness; a kid who has cut himself; and a dude with a lot of rage inside.

"But don't label me an abused kid. It implies my life is all about being abused and that, Chuck, is not right. Labels like that suck!"

As you can see from the cover, my point was well taken.

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