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No Such Thing As a Bad Kid: Understanding and Responding to Challenging Behavior in the Classroom.

Our most popular workshop for educators, this one- to two-day training can be presented in 2 to 14 hours and can accommodate any number of participants. Each attendee receives a 45-page handout, which is available in advance for workshop facilitators.

Part I begins by exploring the importance of creating a strength-based culture in your school. Other topics include: Examining the origins of troubling behavior from a number of perspectives (e.g. psychological, neurological, developmental, social, physical, etc.); how to respond instead of react to problem behavior (i.e. stay cool under pressure); self-esteem building; and proactive interventions.

Part II offers practical tools to help teachers better engage and relate to challenging students. Areas covered include: communication strategies; teaching students to self-manage; limit setting theory and techniques; dealing with the non-motivated, inflexible student; and strategic applications of behavior modification.

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A/V requirements: LCD projector and screen, TV/VCR. For groups of 50 or more, a clip-on, lavaliere microphone is requested.

Fee: Negotiable, based on location, time of year, number of attendees, training content, number of training hours and days, required preparation time, and similar factors.


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