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Managing Number One & Staying Motivated To Do the Job

Managing Number One & Staying Motivated To Do the Job

How to Control Your Emotions and Feel Great About the Work

Identifying, normalizing, and learning from the difficult feelings that often arise; managing self-esteem injuries using the observing ego; checking baggage at the door; understanding why lack of support - at work or at home - can lead to punitive actions, and how to cope when support is insufficient; and a new perspective on success with children and youth grappling with serious emotional and behavioral challenges.

Duration: 41 minutes.
Price: $145.95 each.
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Praise for Charlie's New Training DVDs

" These outstanding tapes should be required viewing for all poeple working with troubled children and youth. One reason is that Charlie Appelstein entertains as he teaches, inspiring the viewer to laugh, nod, and cry with recognition. Another is that we come away believing in the potential of all youngsters to lead happier lives. I only wish this magic was available when I began my career.

" As a superintendent I worked with Charlie in a long-term project using his program to reshape the lives of children in my district who were out of options. His work made an impact so great in the lives of my students that it literally saved them. "

  • —Dr. Donna Nicholson
  • Former School Superintendent
  • President of Donna Nicholson & Associates
  • Austin, TX

" Charlie's strategies are fantastic! We're using them daily to improve the quality of what we do. His strength-based approach has changed the way my employees think about their work."

  • —Michael P. Meehan, Ph.D.
  • Associate Executive Director
  • Epworth Children and Family Services
  • St. Louis, MO

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