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Cues to Use

I’m smart. It’s in my heart.
Learning is your (my) ticket to a good life. (When it comes to learning)
Everyone gets to the top.
There is no such thing as a bad kid, just bad luck and bad choices.
It’s my turn to learn.
Done it before, can do it again.
Stop the hitting…take up knitting.
If you hit, you’ve quit. (on making the right choice)
Enough of the rough!
Don’t touch, as much!
Anger Control
No Big Deal!
NBD…easy as 1-2-3! NBD…easier than 1-2-3!
Let it Go. Let it go, Jo(e)!
Let it go…so (so I can be happy or earn things, etc.)
STOP, Think, and Act!
Cut! (Change the scene)
Make the right call! (Be a good coach)
When you’re mad…don’t do bad (or don’t get sad)…just talk or walk!
If you feel bad today…flick it away.
If you’re having a bad day, flick it away! (Flick the imaginary mosquito off your shoulder)
When thinkin’ bad - replace the thought - and don’t get mad.
When I’m stressed - count to ten or take a break - throw those bad thoughts in the lake.
Stay in control, that’s the goal.
Get over it!
Don’t crash the barge…re-charge!
I can, I will, I gotta chill.
Arguing & Inflexibility
A lawyer argues in a courtroom, not the classroom.
BUDGE…not grudge.
Let it go, Joe!
Let it go, so. (so I can do well, earn things, make others proud, etc.)
Giving in is not a sin. If you do it, you will win.
It ain’t a sin to give in.
Tell Mr. R. Gue…he’s through!
Tell Mr. R. to go far!
Bathroom Trips
Walk through school, act real cool.
B-r-e-a-t-h in, b-r-e-a-t-h out…lose pout! B-r-e-a-t-h in, b-r-e-a-t-h out…don’t pout!
Take a breath, count to five…give no jive!
Take a breath, count to five, make a good choice come alive!
Take a breath, count to five, watch a good choice come alive!
Understand it fully, it’s sad to bully.
Calling Out in Class
Share the air! (Like radio DJs need to do)
Wait your turn or raise your hand…but don’t jump up!
Wait your turn and more will learn.
Raise your hand and not your voice, shows that you (I) can make that choice.
Please wait your turn, I want to learn.
Chair Leaning
Keep the chair on the floor…tip no more!
Chair's on the floor or it's out the door!
Do the chore, then fly and soar.
Do the chore, don’t cause a war!
Cutting in Line
Cutting in line is not so fine, stay behind the one in line.
Don’t race for the space, slow your pace.
Delaying Gratification
If I delay, I win the day!
If you delay, you win the day!
Try to delay and win the day.
Delay and win the day!
It’s great to wait.
Great follows wait.
Dinner Manners
Napkins on the lap, elbows off the table, sit real straight and call your Aunt Mabel. Say thanks and please, cover your nose if you sneeze, make pleasant conversation and be tops in the nation.
Disrespectful Language
It ain’t hip to be flip!
Rude is crude, dude.
Rude is crude…don’t ruin the mood.
Don’t dare to swear.
Care not to swear.
Drug Abuse
If you lose hope, Don't do dope.
Do the chore, don’t cause a war!
Entering School
Enter with smile, stay for a while
Enter grumpy, class be bumpy
Excessive Movement in the Classroom
Don’t m-o-v-e all over the place. Sit and learn with a happy face.
Sit and learn, it’s your turn!
Sit and learn, it’s my turn!
It's really neat to stay in my seat.
Exercise Chant
I can make it if I choose
Only I can make me loose

I can make it if I choose
Only I can make me loose

Sound off
One, Two
Sound off
Three, Four

Yes, I can make it if I choose
Only I can make me loose

I can make it if I choose
Only I can make me loose

Exercise crummy if you have too much tummy!
Stay on track, Jack.
Stay in town, Charlie Brown.
Hocus, pocus, we need to focus!
Look up here, not over there!
Following Directions & Listening
Follow directions the first time…is a lovely rhyme.
Listen - cause you never know what you’re missin’.
Do what they say and have a great day!
Do what I'm told, win the Gold!
Getting Along
Hey Dude - Don’t Exclude!
Go with the flow, Joe.
Getting Started (with reading or other difficult tasks)
No need to moan, I can start on my own!
Take it one step at a time…it’s not a crime!
Do it step after step…that’s the prep!
Step after step…that’s the prep.
Holiday Blues
Don't get blue, I'll make it through.
Find some fun, feel the sun.
Homework helps me learn and grow. Get it done it’s not your foe!
Homework helps me learn and grow. This is somethin’ I do know.
Even if it is a pain…I shouldn’t whimper or complain.
Even if it is a pain…it does no good to com-plain.
If you’re losin’ hope, think POZ and grab the rope!
See it a different way and soar today!
If you’re feeling crummy, make sure there’s fuel in your tummy.
Don’t intimidate. That’s a thing you (I) should negate!
It ain’t great to in-tim-i-date.
Laughing at the Wrong Time
If a laugh doesn’t bring a smile, hold it for a while.
Line up quiet, don’t cause a riot!
Say what's true, fibs are through.
Math in Pen!
If math's in pen, it's minus ten!
If you’re having a bad day, flick it away! (Flick the imaginary mosquito off your shoulder)
Make a list…it will assist.
Make a plan, I know I can!
Organize and win the prize.
Reject Mr. (or Mrs.) Per-fect
Reject per-fect
Please and Thank you
You're a BIG CHEESE when you say "PLEASE"!
Like father like son, one term and you’re done!
Get it done and have some fun.
Don’t wait to do it…it’s time to chew it!
Go for it NOW! You (I) know how!
Don't provoke, it's not a joke.
Ain’t no reason I can’t read, if my hopeful thoughts are freed!
Read a word, read a letter, every step makes me better.
I can read if my hopeful thoughts are freed.
Read it all for good recall.
Respecting Personal Space
Give kids their space…it’s their place.
Stay arms lengths away…today.
Stay arms length away today…unless we play.
Don’t talk mean, keep it clean.
Running Away
Don’t go bro, stay today!
Self-abuse (Being Unkind to Number One)
If you hurt number one, it’s never better when you’re done.
Self-Encouragement & Hopeful Comments
I can do anything for ___minutes!
Just do it!
Think Three! (Three moves ahead, as in chess)
One step at a time.
Have no fear, this will be my best year.
Lose the doubt and WIN this bout!
Self-Esteem Injury

When kids and adults suffer hits to their self-esteem (which is a rather common occurrence), it’s helpful to view each hit as an injury, like a scrape on your arm…that will go away in a few days.

It's an injury and it will heal – that’s the deal!
Separation Blues
Hi Ho! She'll (He'll) be back before you know.
Sibling Issues
Don’t pick on Bro…be a pro!
Don’t diss your (my) sis.
Foolin’ around brings you down!
Social Skills
Say please and thankie or I’ll need a hankie!
Say please and thankie or Mrs. _____will need a hankie.
Behave in music, that’s the trick. That’s my goal. Make it stick!
Have a heart, be cool in Art.
No more cussin', it causes too much fussin'
Scrap the tap!
Tell the tap to take a nap.
Come back from vacation with elation.
Washing Hands
If you take a tink, wash your hands at the sink.
If you go number two, same thing when you're thourgh.
And don't be in a rush, make sure that you flush
(Use good aim, missing is a shame)
Weight Loss
No butter, no bread. Eat healthy instead
Forget the soda, Yoda!
Drink more water…cause I oughta!
Think about looking great
And eat HALF of what’s on your plate!
I’ll be light on my feets
If I avoid those sweets!
Exercise every day
Burn and burn those pounds away!
Keep away from food that’s fried
Else I’ll be growing v-e-r-y wide
Don’t be a stinky, chuck the twinky!
Give a holler, give a hoot
It’s time to eat a lot more fruit
Don’t eat junk-food after five
If you want to stay alive
At the movies
Don’t indulge…
Or your stomach will groan and bulge
Forget the popcorn, lose the candy
You’ve got the will power
It’s fine and dandy
Eat more greens
Fit into my Jeans
Give a hoot
Eat more fruit
One pound at a time
That’s all it takes
Keep away from cheese and shakes!
One pound at a time
That’s how we lose
So, keep away… from sugar and booze!
One pound at a time
That’s how we drop weight
Looking thinner…is our fate!
If you feeling like cheatin’
Give that bad thought a beatin’
A worker can’t survive without a salary
But I can live without that calorie!
Visualize yourself a whole lot thinner
And then say “I’ll get there”…cause I’m a winner!
In the morning eat cereal and fruit
Give donuts and muffins a serious boot!
Walk away each extra pound
Put my fat in the lost in found
I’ll walk away each extra pound
Gonna cover lots of ground.
Write a word, write a letter…every step makes me better!
It's right…to write.
When I'm right…I’m Outtasight!

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